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UMNVD MK3 Night Vision Device - Binocular Housing Kit (Pre-Order/ Early Access)

UMNVD MK3 Night Vision Device - Binocular Housing Kit (Pre-Order/ Early Access)

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For Pre-Orders: This is a special made-to-order item. Lead time on Pre-Orders is approximately 8-10 Weeks from Purchase Date.

Normal Lead Time: This is a special-order item. Lead time is 4-6 weeks after purchasing. *Normal Lead Times do NOT apply to Pre-Orders.*

The Nocturnal Optics UMNVD MK3 - V2 is a cutting-edge modular night vision binocular housing that stands out from the competition due to its exceptional features, advantages, and benefits. This compact and lightweight goggle is developed using Advanced Additive Manufacturing technology, ensuring optimum durability and performance.

The UMNVD system forms a suite of components that allow the user to interchange housing parts to allow for conversion between Monocular (UNVMD), Binocular, Panned and Panoramic systems to suit the mission profiles of any end-user. Experience unparalleled versatility and adaptability with our modular housing kit. Seamlessly switch between monocular, binocular, panned, or panoramic systems to tailor the device to your specific needs. Perfect for any task at hand, our UMNVD MK3 is the ultimate night vision device to elevate your experience.

One of the key features of the UMNVD is its dual tube design, which provides superior situational awareness compared to traditional single tube goggles. This means that the user can perceive depth and accurately judge distances, giving them a significant advantage in low-light or nighttime environments. With the UMNVD, users can navigate confidently, whether it be during a tactical operation, outdoor exploration, or surveillance tasks.

The UMNVD is crafted from PA12 Nylon, a material known for its robustness and resilience. It is specially coated to offer enhanced protection against shock, UV rays, chemicals, and water. This ensures that the binocular can withstand demanding conditions, making it suitable for use in various challenging environments.


  • Binocular Configuration Device compatible with MX10160 format Image Intensifier Tubes. 
  • Rotating binocular design allows low profile against helmet when in stowed position and ability to use as a single monocular.
  • Compatible with commercially available PVS-14 Optics
  • Inter-Pupillary Distance (IPD) Set Screws. 
  • Auto On/Off Pod Shutoff
  • CNC'd Aluminum 7075 Hardcoat Anodized Wilcox Dovetail QD Mount.
  • Fischer Connector compatible with helmet/ head mounted BNVD-style battery packs and connectors. 
  • Weight: IIT Tubes + YMON PVS-14 Optics - 450 grams (varies on optics/tubes configuration) 
  • Finish/ Color: Black, OD Green, Flat Dark Earth, Wolf Grey
  • Power: Four (4) AA Batteries (Remote Battery Pack)
  • Material: Post-Processed MJF-printed Nylon PA12

Standard Kit Parts List:

The standard UMNVD kit comes with these items listed: 

  • UMNVD MK3 – V2 Binocular Assembly - x1
  • Bikini Lens Covers – Front Objective Lens - x2
  • Bikini Lens Covers – Rear Eyepiece Lens - x2
  • Operator Manual - x1
  • Warranty Booklet - x1
  • Hard Carry Case - x1
  • Padded MOLLE Pouch, Multicam - x1
  • IIT Retaining Ring Tool - x1
  • PVS-14 Objective Lens Internal Retaining Ring Tool - 1x

Lifetime Warranty:

All items manufactured by Nocturnal Optics come standard with a Lifetime Warranty.

This means that if any component of your housing, which is originally manufactured and supplied by Nocturnal Optics, needs replacement at any point during the lifespan of the product, we will provide a new component free of charge (excluding shipping fees on behalf of the customer).

Please read through the Shipping, Warranties and Returns page under the Store Policies navigation bar on our page for more information.

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