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Nocturnal Optics

PVS-14 Rear Eyepiece Lens Assembly (MIL-SPEC)

PVS-14 Rear Eyepiece Lens Assembly (MIL-SPEC)

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Mil Spec PVS-14 Rear Eyepiece Assemblies are a high-performance optical component designed for night vision devices. It ensures exceptional clarity and precision in low-light conditions.

Compatible with:

  • PVS-14
  • Mod-3 (PVS-14 version)
  • Pitbull (PVS-14 version)
  • NVM-2AA (PVS-14 version)
  • UMNVD 
  • BNVD-1431 MK.II
  • Or other mono or bino housings which are compatible with PVS-14 optics.

Night Vision Objective Lens Installation: 

This is a single PVS-14 Eyepiece Lens, not a complete system. We highly recommend professional installation by a night vision technician.

Improper assembly may damage the lens and other components. Nocturnal Optics is not liable for such damage.

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