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Nocturnal Optics

InfiRay PFalcon640+ Thermal Imager Monocular

InfiRay PFalcon640+ Thermal Imager Monocular

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This product is regulated under Australian Government DEC (Defence Export Controls), but is able to be exported via Permit. View FAQ for more information.

Lead Time: This is a special-order item. Lead time is 4-6 weeks after purchasing.

The Infiray PFalcon640+ is the international version of IRAYUSA's popular Rico Micro RH25 and is an advanced electro-optic device miniaturized to deliver remarkably versatile functionality: The device can be used in a Handheld, helmet mount, weapon mount, and clip-on configuration. 

With InfiRay’s latest high-performance 640x512, 12 μm sensor technology, MATRIX III processing thermal sensor, the PFalcon640+ delivers detailed and accurate imaging, allowing users to easily detect heat signatures even in low light or adverse weather conditions. The monocular's 640x480 thermal resolution ensures clear and precise imaging, providing enhanced situational awareness.

Equipped with a 50mm objective lens, the PFalcon640+ offers a wide field of view, making it ideal for scanning large areas quickly. The lens provides excellent light transmission, ensuring optimal image quality. Additionally, the monocular features a 4x digital zoom capability, enabling users to focus on specific objects or areas of interest.

With its ergonomic design and lightweight construction, the PFalcon640+ offers comfort and convenience during extended use. The monocular's compact size and included carrying case make it easily portable, allowing for hassle-free transportation and storage.

DISCLAIMER: By default the reticle is disabled on every PFN640+ unit. This device can be still used as a hand-held monocular, but the reticle function is not enabled upon receipt of item. The lock on the reticle function can be lifted by pressing and holding all 3 control buttons for 3 seconds while in handheld mode.


Detector 640 x 512 12um
Lens F/2.5
Human Recognition 600m
Vehicle Recognition 1070m
NETD <= 40mK
Frame Rate  50Hz
FOV 17.2 x 13.7
Diopter -4 to +4
Optical Zoom 1x
Electronic Zoom 1-4x
Battery Life >=3h
Battery Type  18650
Display 1024x768 AMOLED
Storage 64GB
Weight 355g
Dimensions 105x65x48mm
IP Rating IP67
Operating Temperature -40C to 55C
Wifi Yes



  • Supports 4 modes of use: handheld, helmet, clip-on and direct aim;
  • High performance 12μm VOx detectors: provide clear images at night and in harsh weather conditions.


• Soft carry-on bag
• Eye-cup (2 – one for weapon mount, other for helmet mount & as clip-on)
• Helmet mount (attaches directly to helmet shroud)
• Charging and data transfer cables
• USB Power adapter (USA)
• Battery charger
• Battery cap for 18650 & 18700
• Weapon mount (Picatinny) - 1.93" height
• Microfiber cloth
• Tool kit
• Screws (blunt tip for helmet mount / triangle tip for weapon mount)

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