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Nocturnal Optics

Noctis Technologies - AN/PVS-14 Housing Kit (US Mil-Spec)

Noctis Technologies - AN/PVS-14 Housing Kit (US Mil-Spec)

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Normal Lead Time: This is a special-order item. Lead time is 4-6 weeks after purchasing. 

Introducing the AN/PVS-14 Housing, made by Noctis Technologies (formerly Carson Industries) - the go-to monocular for militaries and night vision enthusiasts worldwide.

This night vision housing, which is manufactured in the United States, meets US Military/ DOD specifications (mil-spec) and delivers exceptional reliability for the end-user.

This housing kit has been specifically designed to ensure compatibility with all standard PVS-14 image intensifier formats, including MX11769 or MX10160 without gain control. By choosing the AN/PVS-14 Housing Kit, you unlock the full potential of your night vision capabilities.

One of the standout features of the AN/PVS-14 Housing Kit is its high-quality MILSPEC lenses. These lenses have been carefully crafted to deliver exceptional clarity and image quality.

Whether you are conducting surveillance operations or navigating in low-light environments, these lenses provide sharp and detailed visuals, significantly enhancing your night vision experience.


-  AN/PVS-14 Housing, made by Noctis Technologies (formerly Carson Industries).
- US Milspec multi-coated objective lens
- US Milspec multi-coated eyepiece lens
- Objective lens day cap
- Demist Shield
- Sacrificial lens
- Bayonet J-arm
- Rear ocular lens cap
- Tube Retainer
- Light Pipe


MANUFACTURER: Noctis Technologies (formerly Carson Industries)

WEIGHT: 12.4 oz.

FINISH: Matte Black

POWER: One (1x) AA battery

BATTERY LIFE: Approx. 50 Hours at Room Temp. w/ Standard AA

WATERPROOF: 60' for 2 hours

WARRANTY: Lifetime System Warranty

Intensifier Tube Compatibility: MX11769, MX10160 Format

GATE: Auto

GAIN: Manual Brightness Control

Optical Data: 


FOV: 40º


OCULAR LENS: +2 to -6

FOCUS: 9.8″ to Infinity


Night Vision Tube Installation:

This is a PVS-14 Housing Kit, not a complete system. We highly recommend professional installation by a night vision technician. Improper assembly may damage the system. Nocturnal Optics is not liable for damages.

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